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The Teeny Story

Illustrations, stationery & handmade greeting cards for all the Princes & Princesses of colour. Bringing fairy dust, spaceships, doughnuts and more to paper. 

Hi! My name's Cherelle and I decided to create Teeny Wishes in the hope to create a fun variety of illustrations and stationery for children of colour. 

I was sick and tired of getting my nephew a plain old boring Birthday or Christmas card. I wanted to get Lijy Pops (Elijah) a card with a cartoon representation of himself but could not find a variety of these cards anywhere. . . for 4 whole years!

Like many others I believe it is incredibly important for children to see a representation of themselves, whether in cartoon form or reality. 

I have a growing range of fun, colourful greeting cards all printed and handmade in the UK.

Happy Shopping! xx

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