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Behind the NAME


Welcome to the YouTube blog page of 'Behind the Name Teeny Wishes'!

Here you will find tips and tricks, a few behind the scenes of making products and of course the day to day life of a creative individual, me! I do hope you all enjoy!

Love yas xx



A Teeny introduction into my channel.


First episode will air Tuesday 1st March 2022 and following that I will be dropping episodes every Tuesday and Sunday eek!


Who, what, when, why & how?

A little bit of background into me, personally and how Teeny Wishes begun.

This episode will give you a bit more insight as to why and how Teeny Wishes was created. The very first episode is here!! I hope you enjoy :)


Wedding Vlogs 001

Welcome to the Wedding Vlogs!


I've never been so excited in my life eek! Now there's loads to do but before we begin, let's asks ourselves these 3 big questions. 


How to use Procreate

I love procreate and use it nearly every single day. When I first got the Procreate app, I pretended I knew everything and in actual fact knew nothing ha! Therefore, I thought it only right to do a video for beginners, showing you all the basics of the basics when it comes to Procreate. Enjoy :)  Loves ya xxx


Wedding Vlogs 002

Welcome to the second wedding vlog. In this video I'll share ideas on how to create a realistic budget. I'll share possible wedding venues, there may even be some you'd never even thought of. I hope you enjoy and please don't forget to like and subscribe :) Thank ya Thank ya xxx 


Starting your own Business

In this video, I will give you 7 simple steps to start your own small business. Breaking down each step one by one so make sure to take note. Thanks for watching and please don't forget to like and subscribe


xx Thank ya Thank Ya xx


Wedding Vlogs 003

Welcome back to the Wedding Vlogs :)

In this video I will tell you my top 5 wedding venues and why. I love them all ekk! I will also go through 22 very important Questions to ask the venue when you go on your viewings. Please have your pen's and notebooks at the ready.


How to plan your time

If you struggle to plan your time and catch yourself often saying "I never have enough time", then this video is for you. I'm going to give you the 7 different strategies to improve your time management. 

Loves ya xx

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